Understanding Culture Workshop

Just like we shouldn’t “judge a book by its cover”, we shouldn’t judge people by their skin colour.  Sadly, many people do just that.

With the right tools and a deeper understanding of ourselves and those around us, we can learn to become part of the solution and veer away from possibly contributing to the problem of racism.


While using a visual of the cultural iceberg, I teach the participant how to get below the surface so they can discover for themselves how they are hardwired. Although skin colour is important, I seek to help people understand that it is about the story behind a person’s skin colour and the nuances in their culture that impacts relationships positively and negatively.  I encourage them to take time to understand those nuances  common to various cultures and how they impact the world around us.

We are ALL hardwired with cultural nuances and this workshop will provide you with new language to become a bridge to those around you.

Using the cultural iceberg and a particular framework, I have crafted a 3-5 hour workshop to fit your particular target group.
Examples of target groups: marriage, workplace, adoptive parents, parents of couples in interracial marriages, church groups, etc.,.


For more information, please contact me at kinitaathome@att.net