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I began the journey of becoming a published author four years ago after the LORD

called me to write this book. Although I was content blogging, I soon felt a burden to

pursue this calling more intentionally. As a result “I Am Hagar: Forgotten No More”

became a reality. It has taken this long to write the book because of “life”. I am a

mother of four and the wife of one. Simultaneously over the years, I have been

leading the women’s ministry at my church. God has also given me a speaking

platform through local and international gatherings. For the last four years, I have

planned and executed mission teams of women to Nepal. While in Nepal, we lead

discipleship conferences for women in the church, serving with a local Nepali


This book is based on the story in Genesis 16 of Hagar, an Egyptian servant girl of

Abraham and Sara. Hagar is pregnant with Abraham’s child. As a result, Sara treats

her harshly, so she runs away. Hagar ends up at a spring, wanting to die. It is there

that God finds her. It is here in this passage that we read for the first time that God is

given the name, “El Roi”- “the God who sees”. By writing this book, my desire is for

the reader to have Hope that God does in fact see them in and out of their times of

need. We all have had a time or two, or twenty, where we have cried out to God and

wondered if He does indeed see us. Through my story, I share lessons I have learned

along the way, challenges I have faced to see those lessons more clearly and how God

saw me through every situation. I have written questions at the end of each chapter to

take the reader into their own story and perhaps do the work they need to, in hopes

they get a better glimpse of God in their journey.

I hope to have the opportunity to share my work with whomever God leads me

to. If  you or anyone you know would be interested in hosting me as a speaker

for a conference or retreat please feel free to contact me using any of the

information below or pass them along to others you know.

Contact Info: e-mail:

Facebook: Kinita Kadnar Schripsema – Author, Speaker

Twitter:  @kinitaseema

LinkedIn: Kinita Schripsema

Your copy is available at and !!

Thank you for joining me on my journey,



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