I Am Hagar: Retreat Reviews

“Kinita…Wow! The Lord’s anointing rested on you. He filled you with such peace, love, joy, compassion and Truth. All of your talks were moving, uplifting, inspiring, and motivating! What I loved the most is that they were motivating us to walk closer with JESUS!! Thank you for sharing your heart and life with us and for caring for us today. What an awesome day!”

“You didn’t crash into my junk Kinita but through scripture and art and your message. You danced in with the Holy Spirit and the song was so beautiful I joined you – It’s freeing!!”

“I am so blessed to know that I am known by the God Who sees me! This conference is so amazing!!

“Do not reach for the ashes.” Thank you for this message!!”

“Thank you for your teaching. It really opened my eyes to how I am the “them” in someone else’s life. It makes me rethink my actions towards others!”

“Thank you for challenging me to think outside of “me” 😊 and for being vulnerable in sharing you story!”

“Thank you for making me aware that I am somebody else’s “them” and that I need to be careful not to feed their idols.”

“Thanks for opening my eyes to my ignorance to other cultures!”

“I may have failed but I am NOT A FAILURE! Thank you!!”

“Struggle no more! Live loudly and boldly in all of your beauty. You are so beautiful. Everything that you have shared with us was received! You have given us so much love and joy and peace today. You truly have a gift and we thank you for sharing your gift and for following the LORD’s leading. We love you sister!”

“Thank you Kinita! I appreciate your humor and your honest story telling! Thank you for the outflow of Bible verses for me to return to when I need reminders of what I learned today.”

Your speaking was very life-giving to me, thank you!!”

“Kinita, thank you so much for your message today. I am so grateful for your challenge to us, and your authenticity in sharing your story!”