Welcome to my blog.

My journey began in Pune, India, where I was born to Indian parents. At the age of five, my family moved to Ontario, Canada where I spent my years growing up.  My husband, Ken, was born and raised in Dutch culture in the U.S.A and together we are blessed by 3 biological sons and an adopted daughter.  Our family is currently based and growing in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

As you journey with me to find Jesus in the day-to-day moments, my hope is that you will often be encouraged, sometimes be challenged, and always experience the faithful love of Jesus through my writing.  I am passionate about a lot of things, but most of all sharing Jesus with you through my life experiences.

Years ago, the LORD impressed this verse on my heart: Ephesians 2:10, “We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus, to do good works that He planned in advance for us”.  This blog is my way of sharing His good works in my life as a blessing. I hope reading these stories from my adventure with God give you the opportunity to further reflect on your own experiences.

Whatever part of the journey you find yourself on, know that you are not alone.  My prayer for you as you read these words is that you will move one step closer to a more intimate relationship with Jesus and communion with the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for sharing in my journey and being part of a community exploring life together.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Kinita,
    I was given your information from Raquel Lindsay who heard you speak at the Potter’s House a couple years ago. I oversee the women’s ministry at Tabernacle Community Church and would like to talk with you about the possibility of speaking to the women of our church. This would be for a group of about 50 ladies sometime possibly in December or January. Please let me know if you might have time in your schedule.
    Raquel was so blessed by your talk and I am excited about the possibility of connecting with you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Julie,
      Thank you for connecting with me. I am available and would love to chat with you about the possibility of speaking at Tabernacle!!

      Could you email me at kinitaathome@att.net and we can check calendars to set up a meeting?

      Serving Jesus with you,


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