Anger Management (Part 2)

And so the vision of the porcupine and the sheep continue to this day. Clearly, God isn’t finished with me yet.

Since writing Part 1 of this blog, I have had several amazing conversations with women that have also

struggled or are struggling with anger. So to them, I say, thank you for inviting me into your journey.

If you aren’t a blogger, you might not understand how sometimes our writing / sharing impacts our own lives.

Blogging, not only puts it out there for all to read, but the words become that which I live by. After many

interesting moments since the last post, God not only showed me a few new areas where anger was

residing, but He provided me another practical way to stay connected to Him while I continue to manage my

anger with His help.

I was talking to my husband about my previous post and then it happened. God gave me a poem. Let me

just say, that I am NOT a poet, and I know it!! But here it is….

God is writing your story,

God is writing mine.

As long as He covers my quills,

We will be fine.

This poem has been transformational not only for me but for many women since then. Now when I am angry,

I recite this almost as a prayer to calm myself and try to see the situation the way God might want me to.

Maybe you think it is corny. You try it. Change the third line and make it your own.

Anger is insidious and very damaging. What cuts you to the quick? Where are you prone to wander? Is it

anger? Pride? Competition? Your need for courage? Peace? Value?

I used the poem as an activity for our year-end women’s gathering recently. It was quite thought- provoking

for a lot of women.

In case you think I have my anger under wraps, you need not worry, I don’t. A few days ago, I was sitting on

the couch massaging my hand because of the mild arthritic pain in my wrist. My mind was going over the

events of the previous days and I could feel my self getting tense. I thought of one situation in particular that

made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Yup, I was getting angry. Then I heard the LORD say, “you

don’t have to sharpen your quills, let me cover them with My Peace”. I chose to forgive that person and

received the peace God intended me to have. He covered my quills…..again!!!

My prayer is that you will learn to let God protect you as you learn to journey with Him.

REFLECTION:                                                                2013-08-06 11.03.42

How are you doing with your anger or “thing” that gets you into trouble?

Where do you need Jesus?

What is the third line in your poem?

Thank you for joining me on my journey,


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