Shake It Up

Summer is here!! The kids are home and the competition for my time has begun. I don’t know about you, but I welcome the change of seasons. Our kids are a little older so they don’t need a lot of attention. For the most part they find things to do on their own. They mostly just need me available. There is one area in my life, however, that is also often challenged at this time of year as well. However, I don’t give into it because it really has become a non-negotiable priority in my life.

My Quiet time, time alone with God, devotions whatever you prefer to call it.
A time when it’s just me, Jesus, my Bible, my journal and a hot cup of coffee. I’m a morning person so the best time for me is really before the kids get up. There is such an incredible love story between the covers of The Holy Bible and my desire to hear it is one thing that draws me to it everyday – BEFORE I get into my story of the day.


John 15:5, “I am the Vine; you are the branches.  If a man remains in Me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing.”

Now, before you get upset and defensive that “you don’t have time, your kids are smaller and they always need you, etc.,”. Trust me, I know. I’ve been there. When my kids were little, I was overwhelmed because I thought I was supposed to have at least an hour of “alone time with God”. That was an expectation put on me that re-enforced my inadequacies and once again gave me the message of not being good enough. Not cool. It was an expectation put on me by people. A mentor / friend at the time encouraged me to start with 5-10 minutes of focused time with God. Just with a scripture. She was teaching me how to live out Matthew 6:33, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and all other things will be added to you”. That includes time. Before I knew it, I was up to an hour and loving every minute of it.

Have you ever judged a book by it’s cover? Assuming you know what the book is about by its title. For example, if you saw the “Holy Bible” (which, by the way, has often been shortened to the “Bible”…makes me wonder if someone took the “Holy” away in hopes it would remain a secret??) Would you assume you knew what was between its covers?..sadly, many Christians do.
Spending time in the Word showed me how to live a life as a God-pleaser and not a people-pleaser. Along with several other life lessons I didn’t know I needed.

Please know that I’m not putting any expectations on you. I believe, as a follower of Christ, it is crucial that we spend quality time with God. Undivided attention to our Creator God. Let me just ask you, if finding time is a struggle for you, could it be an issue of time management or priorities?
Let me assure you, we all have time, we just choose to use it differently. We all have the same 24 hours in a day.

Maybe it’s time for you to start something new, perhaps you need a SHAKE UP of your routine.
I have some ideas that might help you in this stressful season of your journey and help you SHAKE IT UP!!!

Perhaps one verse a day till you get through a whole chapter or book of the Bible.
Scripture is always key, but how you receive it and apply it to your life is what makes the most difference.

Maybe understanding your learning style will also help you to grow intimacy with Jesus.

For auditory learners, you might want to listen to scripture or a sermon on a CD or downloading a podcast. For some people it works to exercise and listen to a download at the same time. Personally, that doesn’t work for me because it doesn’t allow me undivided time with God. I have (undiagnosed) attention-deficit-disorder (ADD) and it makes it harder for me to concentrate. Don’t get me wrong, I love to multi-task so I add my favourite worship music to my workout playlist so I can continue growing my intimacy later in the day.

For visual learners, journaling or writing out prayers is a great way to express what we are learning after we have read a passage. For me, it not only helps the passage “stick” in my heart better, but as I listen, the Holy Spirit helps me see applications to various areas of my life.

Tactile learners (if you don’t know what that is, you aren’t one :)), ok so you like touching things as you learn. While I do the dishes I like to pray. Often it’s a time of confession because the soapy water on my hands reminds me that God has cleaned my heart with His blood. I do “thank-you” prayers for all those that have used those dishes. I ask God to grow “servant hearts” in my children (that’s probably on the days that I’m grumbling that nobody is pitching in for the cleaning!!)

Don’t just listen to my suggestions, seek God’s direction for your own journey.

Whether you choose to “shake it up” in your spiritual routine, or crack open The Holy Bible for the first time to find out what The Author is really saying, remember God loves you very much and is waiting with open arms to greet you………Your Sister At Heart……Kinita



2 thoughts on “Shake It Up

  1. Love this. You were the one who first gave me the encouraging message of starting small and trusting God to grow it. That one verse as I cuddled a newborn has blossomed even with toddlers in the house! It’s amazing what God can do with what we give Him!


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